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What are some tips for beginner slappers?

Question by Newbie Slapper

Concentrate on listening & feel. Use your ears to hear the sounds you're making, and use your sense of touch to develop your technique. Ultimately, you want to achieve a technique that gives you the sound & mobility you want... with the least amount of effort.

Practice rhythms and play with a drummer. Always start slow before you speed-up. If you can't do it slowly, you probably won't be able to do it quickly. It's also good to learn from as many perspectives as possible, so you don't get into the rut of practicing in a "wrong" way.

It's true, practice DOES NOT make perfect, it's PERFECT PRACTICE that makes perfect. I've learned the hard way... and often, I have to unlearn bad habits. If you're just beginning, this slap bass lesson should get you off to a good start.

Free Slap Bass Tutorial
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