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I've recently heard of nylon wound bass guitar strings, I think from Ibanez, they claim it's the best for slapping, because of the low tension, any comment? Good? Bad? Should I get them?

Question by Daniel

There are several companies that offer nylon wound bass strings, such as Fender's 7120 or Rotosound's Trubass bass strings. Generally speaking, nylon wound strings have a mellower sound and are softer to the touch. Another general concept is that lighter gauge strings have less tension than heavier strings... but, there are also different factors such as the way the strings are made, the materials, etc.. You'll find that even the same gauge string between different brands do not feel the same. I personally like lower-gauge strings for slapping, because of the lighter feel. Now, the claim that one type of string is the 'best' for slapping all should be decided by the player. It really depends on the sound and feel you're going after. You asked if you should buy the nylon wound strings... I say, sure. Check 'em out and see how they feel and sound on Your bass.


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