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Ok, I can slap the top string, but whenever I slap
one below I hit the top string also and it sounds muddled. How can I change that?

Question by Mike

Hi Mike. Yes, that's a common problem. My short answer to that is practice... it's probably a technique-related issue. To be more specific, I can think of 2 likely reasons: 1) technique problem, 2) bass setup problem. Now, it's probably not to much of a setup issue if you're a beginner learning the technique... but there are instances where the string may be too high, or low, and that can cause a muddled sound. The correction to that would be to adjust the bridge and/or neck & nut. My best guess is that it's a technique issue. When I first started, I had very same problem... it's not as easy to get a solid hit on strings that are in-between others. Basically, the solution is to pay attention to your thumb striking angle and have a consistent bouncy slap. Make sure your angle is good for striking All strings... and make sure to use a rotating-flick-of-the-wrist strike. Different strings will have different feels, you'll have to get comfortable to these differences. By 'cleaning-up' your technique on the string below, you'll gain the control over the muddled sound. Best wishes, Jim

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