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Hey. I've got the basics of slap sorted and now im looking to learn how to do fast 'machine gun' slap and i would like some advice on how to go about doing this.::thanks

Question by Ben

Okay, there are many ways to do a so-called machine gun slap. Just to make sure we're on the same page, let's say that the 'machine gun' sound is any combination of slapping and/or popping technique that produces a rapid sound. Because there are so may different ways that are used to achieve this sound, let's talk about the similarities: most of these rapid techniques actually seem faster then they are... what I mean is that often one beat is often broken up into smaller pieces. For instance, a simple example would be to slap an open string... then, using your fretting hand, tap twice. So, the whole pattern would be slap-tap-tap. This pattern repeated very quickly will give you that machine gun sound.


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