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Do you recommend fender jazz basses for slap methods? do Mexican jazz basses have any difference in tone from all-Americans?

Question by Jon

Hi Jon, Yes, a Fender Jazz bass is an excellent bass guitar for slapping. Many bass players really like the slap tone of the Jazz... I'd describe it as smooth. Well, to me, it's smoother... and a P-bass is a little chunkier. It all depends on the sound and feel you're looking for. When I compare Mexican Fneders to American Fenders , the main thing I notice is the difference in materials and the quality control. The American models have a more solid feel and the construction quality seems more consistent. As for the tone, there is a difference due to the points I just mentioned... yet it's pretty minimal unless you're picky. What I mean is that I've never played a Fender Jazz bass, whether Mexican or not, that didn't sound like the Jazz tone. (FYI - the Music Man Stingray bass is a well-known bass for slapping, here's a link to a vintage Stingray). Best wishes, Jim

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