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What's the best way to learn how to play slap bass?

Question by Johnny

Hi Johnny, I don't think there is one "best" way to learn slap bass. It all really depends on what type of learner you are and what your goals are. For instance, if you are an ear-learner like me, a method like Funkychops (My product, ha, ha... just do a search for Funkychops) may work well for you. If you are more theory-oriented, you may learn quicker from slap instruction that includes notation or tablature. Most people benefit from the help of a personal instructor, and some people are self-taught. I mentioned goals above... this is what I mean: If your goal is to become a studio/session musician, you may want to pursue a more rigorous path of instruction - since these bassists are required to be of high-caliber. Usually, they may be required to sight-read some basslines on the spot. One night you may be slapping a Latin groove, and the next, you may be required to do something jazzy. Your technique & time has to be pretty-much perfect, or the sound engineer may not be pleased. On the other hand, if you just want to have fun with the slap technique, you may take a totally different approach. Ok, so I know this may seem like a wishy-washy response... but I really believe the stuff I wrote above. Here's a more direct response: the best way to learn slap bass is by listening, trying & exploring. You want to listen to slap bass playing as much as possible. You should try to develop your own technique as much as you can. Try exploring different instruction methods. I belive the more you explore, the more you learn. I personally am self-taught. I've listened & watched to many slap bass players, and I can honestly say that I've learned something from all of them. Best wishes, Jim


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