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I'm looking to buy a new bass guitar. What kind of bass would you recommend for slapping?

Question by Enrique

Hi Enrique, I believe almost any electric bass guitar can be suitable for slapping ...especially if it's set-up nicely. With that being said, and at this moment, I really like Fender and Music Man basses. If you're looking for a modern slap sound, I'd suggest the world famous Music Man Stingray bass... it is one of the best-known bass guitars for slapping. If you're looking for a more vintage-retro tone, I'd suggest the Fender P Bass - also known as the Precision. This is a super bass that will give you a classic, funky sound. Oh, I should also add: if you want a more snappy tone, get a bass with a maple fretboard. If you want a more "mellow" tone, choose a bass with a rosewood fretboard. Of course, there are tons of more wood varieties and many other great basses out-there. It's really up to you to decide what sound you want and what type of feel you're looking for in a bass. Your ultimate slap bass could be a "piece of junk" that you found at a garage sale. (just for fun, here's some info on a 1980 Stingray). Best wishes, Jim

Free Slap Bass Tutorial
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